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Karambit-Style Ring Knife

Lots of planning and prototyping went into this very versatile sheath knife. These ring knives are rarely comfortable to hold and use in both the forward and reverse grips. It took several attempts to get this design just right.

The next issue in perfecting this design was choosing the right steel. I used 80crv2 because of its extreme toughness and edge holding ability. (It is not stainless and requires a bit of care.)

I began my martial arts training in 1962. Over the years I have achieved Dan grades in three martial arts systems and have trained in several other styles. I come at knife design with close to fifty years of history in making and forging edged tools. This design is the EDC that I use. The blade is laser engraved in-house. The KYDEX® sheath is also designed and made by my hands. The introductory price of this model is $250 dollars.

Knife Listing Details
Blade Steel:80crv2
Handle Material:80crv2
Engraver/Scrimshander:Steve Schwarzer
Embellishments:Steve Schwarzer
Price (USD) $:250.00

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