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Custom Cut Cards

These are credit card sized titanium utility tools. They are made from from 6al4v titanium and have a carbide cutting edge incorporated in the design.

These are great for opening packages, cutting string, paper or for whatever you need. The carbide infused into the cutting edge stays sharp. These are ideal for wallet-carry. They are light-weight and offer good IR protection. They have no magnetic footprint and are strong as steel.

These come many variations and colors (even customer requested graphics). I am experimenting with my laser and every one in the sample images above are a study in the manipulation of the engraving machine. All displayed colors and patterns are generated using the laser light as a tool.

The custom cut cards run in price from $45.00 to $65.00, depending on complexity.

Custom work available!

Knife Listing Details
Blade Steel:Carbide
Handle Material:6al4v Titanium
Engraver/Scrimshander:Steve Schwarzer
Embellishments:Steve Schwarzer
Price (USD) $:45.00 to 65.00 (depending on design complexity) Custom Graphics Available

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